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Khalilullah KhaliliKhalilullah Khalili (1907 – 1987; Persianخلیل‌الله خلیلی‎‎ - Ḫalīlallāḥ Ḫalīlī; alternative spellings: KhalilollahKhalil Ullah) was Afghanistan's foremost 20th century poet as well as a noted historian, university professor, diplomat and royal confidant. He was the last of the great classical Persian poets and among the first to introduce modernPersian poetry and Nimai style to Afghanistan. He had also expertise in Khorasani style and was a follower of Farrukhi Sistani. Almost alone among Afghanistan's poets, he enjoyed a following in Iran where his selected poems have been published. His works have been praised by renowned Iranian literary figures and intellectuals. Many see him as the greatest contemporary poet of the Persian language in Afghanistan. He is also known for his major work "Hero of Khorasan", a controversial biography ofHabībullāh KalakānīEmir of Afghanistan in 1929.

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